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Practice developping education

          The doctorate study is devoted to methodological problems of math teaching in the 5-6th classes of general education school.
          Historians and philosophers qualify modern society as post-industrial or information one. National doctrine of education of 1998 defines purposes of education on the basis of this feature. One of the main objective, defined by the doctrine above, is to form an individual capable to live in such society. Such individual is to be able to perceive and analyze critically a huge flow of information, fallen upon him daily. The main point here is to build an ability to analyze information.
          It is significant for any type of human activity, and in particular in research efforts. 
Such school subject, as a mathematics, gives broad possibilities for building the skills to observe facts and events, to balance and to analyze them, to deduce and generalize conclusions, to hypothesize, and to prove or to reject ones own assumptions. However, up to now most teachers use expository-illustrative method in their practice.
          Purposes of study:
     1) analysis of content of the course in mathematics for the 5-6th classes in a view to reveal the topics, where the problem-exploratory method may be used with the most effectiveness;
     2) developing the method for topical material presentation at the stage of new knowledge introduction;
     3) developing the concepts of content structure for the course in mathematics for the 5-6th classes, meeting to modern requirements as fully as possible. 
          The work on the questions above is now complete. The scholastic-methodical kit have been created that includes the:
     two textbooks "Mathematics, the 5th classes", "Mathematics, the 6th classes";
     methodical guide for a teacher;
     exercise books for the 5th and the 6th classes;
     accompanying multi-media presentation;
     materials for organizations of routine, topical and overall testing the pupils’ knowledge;
     materials for extracurricular;
     collection of problems and exercises for individual work.
          In 2002 textbooks of the kit mentioned above have been approved as “ Allowed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation". Four-year application of the kit in a number of Russian regions have confirmed high effectiveness of the concept developed. This year the analysis of references has allowed the Ministry of Education to mark the kit as "Recommended". 

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